The squadron member directory is available to MISPS members on our USPS Standard Squadron Site.

To view the directory:

   1. Click the USPS Standard Squadron Site link above

   2. Click Member's Log In at upper right of the new page (or Members Only if you are already logged into

   3. Enter ur USPS E-number and Password.  (Your password or "PIN code" is provided with the membership card that you receive in the mail each year confirming payment of membership fees.)


The USPS Standard Squadron Site (SSS) is intended for squadrons without their own website. Since we maintain our own site, we do not keep our SSS up-to-date with newsletters and schedule-of-events. The site accesses data in USPS databases, so does provide password-protected access to the squadron roster.


Smartphone Users : To get to Member Log In, use the barely visible menu icon at upper right of the SSS home screen.  The more visible menu icon at upper left is not functional (12/01/2020).



Picture of cover of Roster and Fleet List for America's Boating Club - Marco Island