The table below summarizes the schedule for courses and seminars by America's Boating Club - Marco Island later this year. Most of these courses and all seminars are available to the public as well as to members. Courses with no start date listed are proposed, but not definite.


Anyone with questions or who is interested in taking a course should contact our Senior Education Officer or the instructor:


            Senior Education Officer: P/D/C Ted Reiss SN - CN  239-213-8722  Email



All classes are held at our Learning Center located in the Chamber-of-Commerce Plaza at 1114 N. Collier Blvd, Marco Island FL.  See Location for map. 


Courses and Seminars are currently limited to 7 people or 7 couples to meet COVID Guidelines. 

Register 12 Days before Start Date with Instructor or Ted Reiss


 Education Schedule 

  Course Start Date Time Sessions Day of Week Cost   Instructor
Virtual Boat Simulator 3/31/21   1 hour W Free for Members Ted Reiss
Boat Safety, America's Boating Course October   5   $40  
Boat Safety, America's Boating Course November   5   $40  
Boat Handling (Seamanship) October   7   $70/$100*  
Marine Navigation (Piloting) October   8   $70/$100*  
Marine Navigation Advanced October   8   $60**  
Offshore Navigation (Celestial) 11/01/2021   10   $90**  Tippy Cavanagh

 * Non-member cost        ** Member only


 Seminar Date Time Sessions Day of Week Cost   Instructor
Charting / GPS October   2   $40  
Confidence in Docking & Undocking - Slow Speed Maneuvering October   1   $25  
Handling your Boat Underway October   1   $25   
Knots, Bends and Lines November   1   $25  
Partner in Command December   1   $25  


Revised 03/27/2021



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